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                                     Images of dignity lift us higher



Carlos Spivey is an African American artist who is a 2nd generation Los Angeles native currently residing in South Central Los Angeles. Carlos's aim as a visual artist is to depict African Americans and Africans of the Diaspora  In a positive light.


" I create Images of dignity that show the beauty and depth of a people that have been the victims of social, political, economic, cultural and historical inequities for hundreds of years both in America and globally. I Hope to right the wrongs of negative stereotypes that have influenced the opinions, expectations and/or limitations of Black folks and how we are viewed by others.


I hope to provide an alternative view, truer to our soul and spirit. A vision that correlates with our African cultural legacies that have been denied but live in our residual memories.  I paint pictures of Love, beauty and sacred totems.  Black butterflies and Black angels with big Afros populate my surrealistic landscapes. To let our visions be filled with more than limitation, sometimes we need to see ourselves flying and rising.


Once while exhibiting my work, a young Black boy came to my booth and immediately fixated on a picture I painted called "Lunar Landing". This painting shows a strong, well-built Black male angel carrying a Black queen as if just landing on the moon. He said, "Wow I ain't never seen a Black man angel before", and I responded, "Neither had I until I painted one."



Lunar Landing  by Carlos Spivey

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